Connected Learning

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Discover innovative ways to engage students in a connected world. We can help you impart the skills that students need to succeed in the global economy. C-it’s solutions help:

  • Extend access to learning
  • Improve the quality of instruction and education assessment
  • Create innovative learning models
  • Improve decision making
  • Reduce costs with administrative efficiency

Features of Connected Learning

teachers iconDeliver Robust Professional Development

In today’s teaching and learning environments, highly skilled teachers and faculty is one of the greatest determinants of student achievement. To be the best possible teacher, you need to be a lifelong student. That means participating in regular professional development to stay current on the latest research and trends in education, and sharing best practices with others in the field. Cisco communications and collaboration technologies make it easier, less expensive, and help empower teachers to spend more time in professional development, and less time traveling.

globeEnable Blended and Distance Learning Environments

The world of learning is moving towards video. Video is helping schools overcome distance and financial barriers to expand curriculum options, maximize scarce resources, increase student engagement, improve outcomes and deliver the type of education required for 21st-century global citizens.

With virtual learning experiences, students can meet students locally and abroad, and travel on virtual field trips. In addition, teachers gain easier access to teaching resources, without the cost and inconvenience of travel

true collaboration iconStudent and Teacher Collaboration

Expand learning opportunities and engage students using collaboration technology. By making technology a key tool for education, teachers have become collaborators with their students. Instead of educators dictating what they want their students to know, teachers have become facilitators, allowing students more freedom to discover and explore. It is a simple but poignant change, shifting the focus away from the teacher and toward the student.

secureKeep Schools, Students, and Data Safe and Secure

Safe and secure schools provide an environment where students can learn more effectively. Creative-image technologies takes a holistic approach to school safety and security integrates physical security devices with IT infrastructures.