Cloud Computing Solutions

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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing solutions are an cost-effective, adaptable way to deliver business applications and services. But what’s the best cloud option for you?

As an IT leader, you’re looking for:

  • Help to simplify the creation and management of hybrid cloud computing environments
  • Providers and partners that offer cloud-based services you can use as a basis for supporting your workload needs
  • Providers and partners to share risk by limiting capital investments and allowing pay-per-usage policies

IT organizations are struggling to keep pace with changes in cloud computing scale, global reach, and analytics. But they must, in order to extract value from the billions of new connections created by the Internet of Everything. No single cloud can address every workload need.

Enter Intercloud — a global cloud of clouds — offering an unmatched portfolio of IT services for customers, providers, and partners. With an Intercloud approach, we’ll partner with you to match your organization with the right cloud computing strategy.